I'm a creative technologist, originally from Canada and currently based in the UK.

I help people find inspiring content on the web and overcome obstacles to launch their idea faster than they thought possible.

In my spare time I'm an internet curator, community builder and no-code maker at Bad Unicorn.

I'm having fun building the future of digital product studios while launching 21 products in '21.

Feel free to take a look around!


Landing page for Bad Unicorn drop #016 - The world's newest Cryptocurrency dating platform


Landing page and mobile app for Bad Unicorn drop #014 - meditation for the real world (no filter).


Landing page for Bad Unicorn drop #006 - Slack re-built in Google Sheets.

Lessons learned from the 100 Days of No-Code challenge

My No-Code Journal

The free 5 step tutorial to creating your own digital journal online. Learn the essentials of no-code tools and unleash your creativity!

Modern Afflatus Music

Hand picked songs in curated playlists for any mood.

20+ mixes with over 70K followers in total.

Modern Afflatus

The curated library of life skills that school left out. Each month I share a newsletter with 5 inspiring resources.

Modern Afflatus Photography

Personal photography inspired by the every day, free for makers. Viewed over 10 million times on Unsplash.

The Follow Up


We are committed to positive change by recognizing companies taking action against racial injustice - and holding them accountable. (Collaboration with four makers.)

Support Your Local Leeds

An online bulletin board of local businesses and companies to support during the COVID-19 crisis.

NoCode GIFs


The largest collection of #NoCode GIFs for digital makers and creators alike!

Drake Album Anniversaries

A visual way to countdown and celebrate your favourite artists and 10th anniversaries of their albums! Currently featuring Canadian rapper Drake and his five studio albums.

Best of 2019 Lists

A curated selection of the absolute best of 2019, hand picked from top lists across the web.

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